Brasserie Saint James is an old world style craft brewery and restaurant, opened in an historic Crystal Springs Ice and Water building in Reno, NV. The winner of Great American Beer Festival's coveted Best Mid-Size Brewpub and brewers in the nation award. We make gold medal winning beers for all palates. Our beers have been lovingly referred to as crafted for a serious wine drinkers palate. A saying goes in wine making, "It takes a lot of good beer to make good wine...". The point being we make complex, delicate and nuanced beers, not just the same typical west coast hop bombs, or dark extremely high alcohol brews, though we make quality versions of those too.

Our goal is to show the whole spectrum of beer, it's history and it's evolution, to show beer its proper reverence, as not only "The people's beverage", but one that pairs as well with food as wine,and when it's skillfully crafted, and not over hopped to hide production flaws, it does. The truth is, it takes more skill to make a delicate lager, than a double IPA. You would be hard pressed to find people more passionate not just about beer, but wine, spirits and food.


We welcome you to schedule a brewery tour every, and discuss all things beer, food, wine, or spirits. We love all things food and beverage, for us it is our religion, the thing that connects to us to people, places and traditions from all over the world.

All photos provided by Fielding Photography and  Calvin Hobson Photography.  We highly recommend these talented, efficient, and easy to work with professionals.