Arthur Farley - Principal Owner & operator

Born in Los Angeles, and owner of two very successful Northern Nevada businesses: St. James Infirmary voted Best Bar in Northern Nevada 5 years in a row, and Brasserie Saint James the only Nevada brewery to ever be named 'Best Mid-Size Brewpub and Brewers In The Nation' at the Great American Beer Festival (the largest and most prestigious judged beer festival in the world). 

A thirty year veteran of the restaurant business, having worked in food and beverage since childhood, first at my mother's restaurant, and later running restaurants, bars, and concert venues in Los Angeles, Portland, and Dallas. I work closely with my kitchen. I write the menus before meeting with the cooks, and it's my distinct pleasure to see them breath their own life into them. 

I'm also very lucky and grateful, to work hand in hand with the brewery. I bring not just my love for the lagers of Europe; lambics, saisons and Trappists ales of Belgium; cask ales of the United Kingdom; but also my love of the great sparkling wines of France, Pinot Noir and Chardonnays of Burgundy, German Rieslings, Alsace's dry white wines, Cab Francs of Chinon, all influence my approach to brewing. We have a lot of fun discussing and designing our brews.

I've been an avid food lover, foodie or gastro tourist long before there were terms for it, or television shows dedicated to it. In Reno, I've been proud to play a very large part in changing the craft beer scene, and the bar scene along with it, with the opening of St. James Infirmary in 2008. I brought dozens of beers to the public that mostly didn't even exist in the market. My cocktail program has playfully informed people on the history of the cocktail, while creating quite a few new ones along the way. I never underestimate my customers and their desire to experience new and better things, whether it be beer, cocktails, spirits, wine, movies, music or food. 

Madison Gurries - Head Brewer 

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Deane Albright - CPA and Investing Partner

Deane is a native of Northern Nevada who founded his own accounting firm (Albright & Associates) after a five year career with a large national firm. A graduate of the University of Nevada Reno, he is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Nevada and a member of both the Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He also serves as a Trustee of the University of Nevada Foundation. Dean is a very successful and well respected member of the business community.

Joel Rasmus - Tech Advisor and Investing Partner 

Joel is a native of the bay area and an internet entrepreneur and angel investor located in Reno Nevada. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from California State University, San Marcos. During his last year of college, Joel and a classmate founded a company focusing on a niche internet service. After building the business for 12 years into a leader in it’s industry with 20 million users in nearly every country in the world, Joel decided to cash in his stock in the company and focus on things he was more passionate about. When he’s not keeping up on internet trends and technologies or chasing his kids around the house, Joel enjoys woodworking, travel and spending time outdoors.